How to fake being rich to make rich friends

Wealthy people judge your net worth not based on what you wear or what you drive but mostly on your job and where you live.

Why? Because wealthy people have met many social climbers who tried to fake their way up the social ladder with eloquent speech and expensive clothes but wealthy people know that your job and where you live is not something you can fake.

You can wear all the high street clothes, bags, shoes and watches you want but once a wealthy person finds out that you’re just an entry-level office staff at a company, everything will start to look fishy and don’t expect them to go out of their way to be friends with you. The end result is that you look worse to them than simply admitting that you’re a middle class person.

I had a friend who used to be a major social climber. She was my classmate in graduate school circa 2010. She wears very expensive clothes and shoes and carries a designer bag yet drives a $16,000 car and lives in a middle class neighborhood. Credit cards are all maxed out and she portrays herself to be a rich girl. It’s already 2017 and she still doesn’t have an actual rich friend who she’s close to. Her friends are still mostly middle class people. We work in the same industry and the actual rich people even call her “a cheap social climber who carries a [insert brand] expensive bag but can’t even afford a decent house or a trip to Europe”.

Just stay true to yourself. Don’t demean your status in life but don’t fake it as well.

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